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Photologo Spotlight: Are all cameras good to chase birds? A talk with Alex de Haan

Alex de Haan, is a talented 41 years old Photologo Community member living in a small village called Bitgum in the Netherlands. He shares his signed works on the social networks, collecting important feedback and often enthusiastic reactions.

Photologo Spotlight: Wim Zandee takes photos inspired by the work of the Dutch painters

Meet Zandee, a photographer who makes images inspired by 16th-century painters, before cameras were ever invented.

So when I saw Wim’s work in our Photologo Community Page, I just knew we had to get him in for an interview. Luckily, he agreed. So, we met on a sunny afternoon in Rome to have a fun chat about him and his Photography.

How to Use the Power of Storytelling to Become a Better Photographer (and sell more)

If you plan on starting your own photography business – keep in mind that once you’ve entered this realm, you’re no longer just a photographer, you’re an entrepreneur. And in the recipe for entrepreneurial success, one key ingredient is a solid business plan.