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March 4, 2019



Emotional: How Larry used his Photologo to find solace after the tragic loss of his daughter.

“Having her thumbprint in the logo is a way for me to just remember. When I print a photo, I’ll think of my daughter”

Larry’s world was torn upside down when his beautiful daughter Gwen had unexpectedly passed away. “Sometimes, I don’t even want to get up” he tells us as he describes the pain and grief of losing someone so close to him.

But how Larry took solace in Gwen’s passing with his Photologo is one of the most emotional, yet inspiring stories that has ever been told in the photography community.

Larry Gordon (Mississippi, USA)

For many photographers, their relationship with the craft goes much deeper than the process of taking photos. It can be a journey of self-exploration or adventure-seeking and in Larry’s case, a way to connect with his daughter, even after her passing.

“She had this way of just loving and accepting people”. Gwen’s beautiful personality not only transferred over into his photography but became something of an even deeper meaning in Larry’s photography journey.

“When I have a session with a family or an individual I have this message that’s coming to my brain that’s like ‘listen to what this person is saying and what’s going on in their life’ that’s a significant influence [from Gwen]”.

While Gwen’s beautiful personality influenced Larry’s photography, he wanted to go a step further by having a deeper connection with her in his work – not only did he want to have his daughters influence in his photos, he wanted her to be in it. It was from this moment that he had the beautiful idea of putting his daughters thumbprint in his Photologo.

“They created something that was unique to me” 

When speaking of his experience, Larry tells us “I feel like Photologo is working with me to help me build my identity”. It’s this kind of feedback that reminds us why we do what the work that we do. Since the beginning, Photologo’s vision has always been to be able to change the way photographers mark their work and tell their story. Our designs are not meant to take away from the narrative of a photo, but rather to add a further chapter to it.

When Larry approached us to develop his Photologo, we looked at what made Larry unique, what personality we’d convey in Larry’s logo that would allow Larry to have a logo that enables him to tell his story.

After sketching a few different styles, we settled for a logo that feels organic, with gestural traces that convey a strong personal touch.

When finalising Larry’s logo, we preserved the dynamic lines to keep that organic feel. Unknowingly we left ample space in the B which proved to blend absolutely beautifully with the imperfections and texture of the fingerprint. Discreet but present enough to feel Gwen’s touch in each photo.

What makes a Photologo genuinely unique is the personality and thought that goes into each and every single design. Which can only be achieved because each and every logo is thoughtfully handmade without the use of any fonts or templates.

Larry needed a personal handmade logo by Photologo to share his identity and story through his photography logo. Not only (discretely) in his Photos, but boldly in his photography brand, something that is impossible with a generic photography logo.

A Photologo can mean so much more than just a logo to protect your photo or a way of letting the world know your name. Because of how unique and timeless a Photologo is, it’ll adapt to your story throughout your entire photography journey.

Only very seldom does a story like Larry’s touch our heart so profoundly, if this story inspired you today, and you feel like it deserves it to be told, consider passing it along and share it with the people that matter the most to you.

Thanks to Larry Gordon for allowing us to tell his remarkable story & the incredible crew at www.uplands.film for bringing this story to life.

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