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How to Use your Photologo®

Take your brand to the next level with these simple ways you can add your Photologo® seamlessly into all your graphics and photos.


How to Apply Your Photologo® with Canva

Canva is one of the most beginner-friendly tools out there. It has an impressive array of graphic design tools available on the web. Plus, it’s also available on Android and iOS. You can use it to DIY everything from slideshows to social media posts. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to apply your Photologo using Canva in 5 easy steps


Customize Your Apple Watch With Your Photologo®

As you’ve seen, your Photologo is super versatile and fits many different uses. But there’s even more to it.

Customizing your watch is just one of the many ideas we are suggesting in order to let you unlock the power and the possibilities that your Photologo can give you.

Together we will find out how to change the face of your watch and make it even more personal and unique.


How To Use Your Photologo® on Your Mobile

Got a photo you want to post real quick? Protect your precious work on the go! Adding in your signature logo is easy. In just a few seconds, you’ll be clicking that post button and enticing your followers.


How to apply your Animated Photologo®

By itself, your Photologo is already a work of art.

Don’t just stop there though, why not take that work of art and make it even more impressive? It’s simple, you just add one thing—motion. Movement makes your logo more exciting and eye-catching.

Discover all the places you can use your Animated Photologo and the best applications to use.


How to apply your Photologo® in Photoshop

In the world of digital art, Adobe Photoshop is hands down the industry standard. It’s used for image editing and photo retouching.

Even though Photoshop was not built for this purpose, you can still manually apply your Photologo to your designs using the available tools in Photoshop.

Here’s a super simple step-by-step approach to guide you.


How to apply your Photologo® in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is also another way to add your photologo to photos and graphics. You can simply use the watermarking feature on the app.

So if you’re a user of Lightroom but don’t know much about their watermarking tool, here’s the easiest way to apply your Photologo in Lightroom.


How To Apply Your Photologo® in Photopolish

Add your new logo with ease and save precious time by using Photopolish. Photopolish is perfect if you want to add your logo to multiple photos quickly. You can use the bulk watermarking feature to process all of your designs at once.

Learn to apply your Photologo in Photopolish like a pro with this easy-to-follow four-step tutorial.

See How Other Professionals Are Using Their Photologos

Get inspiration by taking a look at how current members of the Photologo Community are using their signatures and see how having a Photologo has helped them.
Although Photologos® are typically used as watermarks, professionals from all over the world are always finding new creative ways to use them for a wide variety of purposes. Here, we’ve gathered 11 of the most exciting and useful ways the Photologo® community is using their signature.

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