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11 Ways You Probably Didn’t Know Your Photologo Could Be Used For

Although Photologos® are typically used as watermarks, photographers from all over the world are always finding new creative ways to use them for a wide variety of purposes. Here, we’ve gathered 11 of the most exciting and useful ways in which the Photologo® community is using their signature.

Scroll down and get inspired by these 11 unique ways of using your Photologo®

1. Business Cards

Have you ever gotten so many calling cards that you can no longer remember the person who gave them to you? That seems to often be the case with typical calling cards — dull, conventional, and well, forgettable. Don’t let that happen to you. By using Photologo® on your calling card, you create a lasting impression.  You’ll never have to worry about your calling card looking like anyone else’s.

If you want a more subtle and compact look on your business cards, using Photologo® Initials Edition makes for sleek and clean business cards. Plus, you can let your cards stand out by using bright colors with the Colour Unlocker.

2. Videos

Did you know that video posts are 1200% more likely than photos and text to be shared on social media? So, if you’re not taking full advantage of video content online, then you’re missing out! You can try overlaying your Photologo® in all of your online video campaigns, so you’re more likely to convert a scroller to a customer.

Take your videos to a whole new level by adding an Animated Photologo® to bring your signature to life. Surely, they’ll never be forgetting your name.

3. Custom USB Sticks

Give your clients something to get even more excited about when they get their photos by customizing your USB stick. Following this simple trick can make your clients feel like they made the right choice in choosing a world-class photographer.

When pulling this off, it’s a challenge to fit your logo in the small space. Mainly, it’s so much better for you to test different variations of your Photologo® to see which one will look best in your USB. Get five other different versions of your Photologo® by getting the Photologo® Extension Kit!

4. Personalized Tags

What’s one of the best ways to give that classy glamorous look to your photography or brand? It’s giving it a personal and elegant touch. Perfect for special events, vintage themes, or for when you’re in the mood for a little touch of glitz and luster, it’s an excellent way to give your name the premium look it deserves.

You can print it on your tags or any of your items like notebooks, envelopes, albums, printed photos, and even letters. What’s more, the Photologo® Metallic Edition is available in 5 magnificent metallic colors.

5. Social Media Profile

Without a doubt, your Photologo® will look stunning in all your social media profiles, be it on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. However, it could be hard to fit your entire name in one small thumbnail. For cases like this, we recommend using a more compact version of your Photologo® called the Initials Edition. 

Letter logos from the Photologo® Initials Edition are so simple, and you can use them almost anywhere. You can check out Photologo® Initials Edition here.

6. Portfolio/Website Header

As you probably already know, posting on most social media platforms tend to decrease the quality of your photos. Instead of relying solely on these platforms to showcase your work, lead potential customers to your website. Not only will you get to feature higher quality photos, but you’ll also get control over the audience’s attention. That’s better than having them distracted by the newest puppy video on their feed. 

Want to try out more varieties of color on your Photologo® to see which one suits your portfolio/website the best? Check out our Color Unlocker and try on different header colors!

7. Letterheads, Invoices, and Office Stationery

When you want your message to get across effectively to your clients, you first need to make sure that they notice you. With all the drab and clunky letters that your customer gets in a day, your letterheads, invoices, price guides, and other stationery need to stand out. It’s crucial to do so without distracting from the point that you want to deliver. Photologo® has that sweet balance between professional and personal, so appealing that no one can resist not reading it.

8. Branded Merchandise

When it comes down to it, we photographers are not afraid of getting down and dirty to get that perfect shot. So, wearing your expensive shirts might not be the best idea when you’re out to do a shoot. Why not create your own branded merchandise? Adding your Photologo® onto your T-shirts will make clients feel like they’re dealing with a pro who has an established photography practice.

To make your Photologo® look great on your merchandise, having your own Photologo® Source File will do wonders for the outcome. T-shirt printing shops will usually require the highest possible resolution for the best results. 

9. Office or Studio Items

What’s one of the best ways to look more professional in front of your clients? It’s giving a more personal touch to your office, by customizing your items. You can use your Photologo® on office items like business card holders to make them look much more polished. What’s more, it gives off that “wow” factor that proves to your clients that you’ve got strong attention to detail. 

So if you’re planning on personalizing your office items, make sure to use the high-resolution Source File of your Photologo®. Moreover, if you want to create a few adjustments from the original design, you can easily do so with your Photologo® source file. 

10. Decal Stickers

Make a statement every time you arrive at a photography gig and show the world that you’re proud of your identity by putting it on a bumper sticker. Just because everyone’s going online, that doesn’t mean that the use of physical logos — like stickers — is obsolete. More than only using it in your car, you can use stickers on your laptop, notebooks, and even on your camera equipment. 

Let the beauty of your Photologo® stand out by using a file with a high resolution that preserves the quality of your Photologo® without ever compromising it. Be sure to secure a copy of your Photologo® Source File so you’ll never have to deal with pixelated Photologos®. 

11. Personal items

There’s just something so satisfying about seeing your name on all of your favorite items, especially the ones that you use daily. Things like your coffee mug, tumblers, and caps, they all look so much better with your Photologo® on. That’s because nobody can claim that those items as theirs, they’re unique, they’re yours. 

For digital machine embroidery and other custom made personal items, make sure to use the high-resolution Source File of your Photologo®. 

If there’s one thing that this list proves it’s that you can get a lot of value from getting your very own Photologo®.

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