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Photopolish: The Fastest Way To Watermark Your Photos

Imagine being able to watermark your photography with one smart, easy and efficient application. One that gives you the absolute freedom and speed you need in today’s fast paced digital photography world.

The Watermarking Conspiracy

If you know anything about art, you’ll know that artists always sign their work. Painters, writers, photographers – every one of them knows how important it is to inscribe their work with their name. Otherwise, how else would their audience know who has created it?

Watermarking Your Work: Use It Or Lose It

Put simply, a watermark is a custom-made signature printed on a photograph. It can be a picture, a logo or text – whatever you choose to identify yourself as the owner of the photo. It’s called a ‘watermark’ because it’s superimposed over the photograph, like the face of the Queen on a banknote.


"Color of Life"

From the alluring quest this astonishing photo by Jacob Terrence takes you on, to the beautifully dominating orange that has been brought to life just impeccably. We’ve finally seen a photo that wraps up the photographical heaven that Japan is. It’s a faraway heaven of color, life, creativity and experience…