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Thanks for ordering. Your Photologo® is
now in the design queue, it'll be delivered to you
once our designers have handmade it and polished it off! In the meantime, take a look at our watermarking application for your Photologo® we recently launched, it's called "Photopolish" for seamless, watermarking.

Watermark Your Photos, Seamlessly.


Photopolish is your ultimate watermarking tool.

Do you want to be able to watermark your Photography in a simple, stunning and fast application that gives you the freedom to watermark your Photography with speed and quality you need in todays fast paced digital photography world?

With the ability to watermark one photo at a time or perhaps 50+ photos at a time using our single click watermarking feature, Photopolish is going to speed up your workflow providing you with the tool every serious Photographer needs.

Since you have already ordered a Photologo, we will further reduce Photopolish by 10% if you order today, simply use the below coupon at payment.

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