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Play with the Bokeh Effect for stunning Christmas photos

All we want for Christmas is…a new sparkling Photologo! I mean, doesn’t that gradient-fill version just perfectly fit with the cozy atmosphere of this time of the year?  Alright, say you already have the extension kit, what’s next?  It goes without saying: you’d want to take amazing photos to share on our social profiles and […]

Iceland and West America from the eyes of Amir Shuja – Photologo Spotlight

Amir Shuja is a Photologo Community member currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to USA about 25 years ago. He’s a full time doctor but 15 years ago discovered a great passion for landscape photography.

Meeting the humpback whales with Terry Enlow – Photologo Spotlight

Having been blessed to actually live life, my logo had to match that emotion. A proper logo was required to make sure it matched my passion. Photologo was the perfect and only choice for me to capture that feeling and I proudly watermark all my photos with the logo that was specifically designed with my input.

Photographing abandoned places and architectures with Pascal Bonin – Photologo Spotlight

Abandoned places have a unique power of fascination. They still conserve the ability to tell the stories of people who lived there, the echoes of their lives.

How Don Davies developed a recognizable style and personal brand – Photologo Spotlight

I feel that my most improved quality is patience. When I was starting out in photography I would just shoot, shoot, and shoot and just thinkthinking I can fix that in post processing. Now I am more patient, making sure that everything is set properly, the light is in the right position, the hair and makeup is flawless. All these are important if you want to have the perfect shot.

Discover the unique Hiroe Hanafusa’s style inspired by Japanese 19th century paintings – Photologo Spotlight

I am a 62 year old woman living in Osaka, Japan.
I worked for a housing equipment manufacturer for about 30 years,
where I was involved in interior design and sales promotion of our products.
Meanwhile, I learned how to shoot and edit from a commercial photographer for 7 years. This is my work, inspired by Japanese botanical 19th century paitings.

Learning bird photography with Parag Khare – Photologo Spotlight

Since birds come in many shapes and sizes I think every situation requires its own approach, but for me, it starts with trying to understand the life of the birds in front of me. The more I know about their behavior, the more I can anticipate what they may do next. To me, photography isn’t just an art, but also a sport.

The importance of a good Photography Business Card

Photography business cards still have their place in the world. As social handles and websites have become commonplace, business cards continue to bring with them a sense of sophistication, especially when made with care and quality in mind. Why Photography Business Cards Are Important If you’re building your brand and client base, then you’re going […]

The 7 Essentials To Starting Your Photography Business

Deciding to turn your passion for photography into a business is an exciting time. Firstly, it’s a sign you’re confident in your abilities. And secondly, it means you can earn money from doing something you love. But getting started can feel overwhelming. And because many photographers don’t prepare themselves properly, their business fails soon after […]

Enjoying Outback Australia with Matt Clark – Photologo Spotlight

Alex de Haan, is a talented 41 years old Photologo Community member living in a small village called Bitgum in the Netherlands. He shares his signed works on the social networks, collecting important feedback and often enthusiastic reactions.