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Why Watermarking Your Photography is BACK (And Why You Should Be Doing It!)

Remember when photographers had to choose between those obtrusive, unsightly watermarks OR leaving their work completely unmarked? It was a real dilemma: protect your photos and compromise their beauty, or keep them pristine but risk losing credit? But now, there’s a game-changer in the industry: The Signature Photologo. It’s like reviving the timeless tradition of artists signing their canvases, but for the digital age. A signature Photologo is like digitally signing (or watermarking!) every shot, much like how painters sign their canvas. It’s your artistic signature on every image. Ready to see why this is a game-changer? Here are five great reasons why you should be marking your shots with one.

1. It Gives Every Shot That Polished “Signed Off” Artistic Look: A signature Photologo transforms each photo from just another picture to something unmistakably yours. It’s like signing your name on a masterpiece, ensuring everyone knows who the artist behind the lens is.

2. It’s GREAT For Your Branding: Forget about those dull, generic watermarks. A signature is personal, it’s a personal brand. It’s a part of your art, not just an add-on. Plus, it looks way cooler and gives more exposure to you as an artist without hurting your art.

3. It’s Easy To Apply On Your Shots in Any Editing Tool Whether you’re using Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other tool, adding a signature is simple. Just a couple of clicks, and your signature is there, making your photo uniquely yours.

4. It’s an EASY Way To Build a Photography Brand: Forget trying to piece together an entire brand – a Photologo is your brand. It’s multipurpose use means you can use it as your business logo, watermark etc.

So how do you get your own?

To get a digital signature you’ll need to hire a digital calligrapher to make you a professional one, a local calligrapher (in the USA for example) would charge $300-$500 for this – but today it’s accessible to everyone thanks to Photologo.

You can get your very own uniquely made for you in 2-3 days by a professional calligrapher for $49 here. Here are some examples done by the Photologo studio below – to get your unique signature click here

Create Your Unique Signature Logo Today

Get your unique handcrafted signature logo made by a professional calligrapher for only $49.