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Design a portfolio website that sets you apart

A portfolio website is essential in order to build a photography business. It’s your visual representation, showing off your best work & letting your potential customers get to know you as a person. What are the steps you should follow to build the perfect portfolio? 1. Define your purpose There are many reasons for building a […]

Find Your Niche & Ace It

For many of us, we get into photography because something creative has been sparked inside of us. The idea that we can use this tool called a camera to make art is fascinating. When we start, we have no idea how we’re going to make our art, or what it’ll even look like, but it’s […]

The Ultimate App Guide for Photographers

When it comes to photography, nothing can beat professional equipment. However, smartphones continuously revolutionise photographers’ workflows. Personally, I couldn’t give up lots of cool apps that have made my planning, shooting and editing so much easier. With the right apps, your phone can become your best photography assistant! From location scouting to shooting techniques, to […]

A Photologo for Enzo Stagnitta’s Photography

Argentinian photographer Enzo Stagnitta is extremely passionate about taking photos that resonate with people. His goal is to evoke emotions through particular situations and people’s expressions. What started out as a hobby, through the years, slowly became Stagnitta’s photography business. Going from landscape, to wildlife, sports and then portraits—his body of work is extremely diverse […]

Chat with Photographer Jordan Matter — Find Your Unique Voice

New York photographer Jordan Matter has been telling people’s stories through stunning shots for years now. His photography career may have started more or less by chance, but since then his success hasn’t stopped growing. In addition to his day job as a portrait photographer, Matter pours his endless creativity into photography projects that push […]

Creating a Photologo for Markus Van Hauten

German photographer Markus Van Hauten came to Photologo looking for a signature that would add the finishing touch to his photos with elegance and professionalism. A self-taught photographer since 2006, Van Hauten started out by working in the field of sports photography. His focus then shifted towards animals and wildlife, and finally reached his most […]

Animated Photologos: Why, Where and How to Use Them

Animated signature logos —they look pretty impressive, don’t they? In today’s saturated market, we see logos everywhere. We’re completely surrounded by them at all times. So how can you easily spice up your logo and make it stand out from the rest? By making your signature logo move, you will get a result that’s much […]

Personal Branding for Photographers: Take Your Career to the Next Level Right Now

Many photographers don’t realise the importance of really good personal branding. We get it—it’s often a one-(wo)man-show type of situation, you’re working as a solo photographer and taking care of all sides of your business. Branding simply doesn’t score at the top of the list of things you need to focus on.Or perhaps what started […]

Behind the Scenes of Your New Signature Photologo

Find out what happens from the moment our talented designers receive your order, to the moment they deliver your brand new signature logo! Whether you are just starting out as a photographer or have been a pro for years, a sleek, professional logo can truly make your individual aesthetic stand out and elevate your work. […]

Introducing “Artist Spotlight”: meet the selected Top 5 of our October PHOTO-CONTEST

An exciting PHOTO-CONTEST has played out on the Photologo Facebook page and group throughout the month of October! The response has been so great—hundreds of members of the amazing Photologo community have shared their best shots and their love for photography with us and other artists. Together with the results of the contest, we’re thrilled to […]