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Play with the Bokeh Effect for stunning Christmas photos

All we want for Christmas is…a new sparkling Photologo! I mean, doesn’t that gradient-fill version just perfectly fit with the cozy atmosphere of this time of the year?  Alright, say you already have the extension kit, what’s next?  It goes without saying: you’d want to take amazing photos to share on our social profiles and […]

How to create a good composite, by Alex Stuart

Alex Stuart is a 26 year old freelance videographer/photographer from New Zealand. He is currently living in Christchurch in the South Island which is an awesome spot for outdoor adventures/ landscape photography. His links are @alexstuartnz on Instagram and @asmedianz on Facebook. I changed my life, starting from scratch I first picked up a camera […]

Take better cityscape photos with the tips of John Castillo

John Rodenn Punzalan Castillo, is a young and talented member of the Photologo community. Born in 1986 in the Philippines, he is  currently a resident in Rome, Italy since 2006.  “I love photography” – he says – “I roam the streets of Rome, dedicating my time in finding places and interesting subjects to photograph. I […]

Why do I have to pay before I see my Photologo?

We’ve been fortunate enough to design bespoke Photologos for photographers all around the world. Being able to add that extra stamp of personality and professionalism to your portfolio inspires us to do the work that we do. And whilst the feedback we receive is positive, a common question we’re asked by potential customers is “why […]

10 Off-the-beaten-path spots in Europe for your perfect photography trip

Have you been thinking about taking few days off, but at the same time have no idea where to go? Are you seeking for more than just typical mainstream landmarks you’ve probably seen millions of times? Is your inner-photographer voice telling you to go a bit off-the-beaten-path? As famous photographer Jim Richardson said, “If you […]