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June 8, 2021



Award-Winning Photo Restoration Studio Enhances Their Customer Support With Photologo’s Signatures – Photologo Spotlight

MemoryCherish is a photo restoration studio that specializes in restoring old photos to their original appearance. Founded by passionate photographer and photo restorer Jonah, their family-owned business has restored thousands of old photographs. With dozens of features in media outlets such as ABC, NBC & FOX News, and countless awards, MemoryCherish takes pride in bringing cherished memories back to life with incredible accuracy & detail.

Recently they partnered with Photologo’s signature service to help them establish a cohesive brand identity among all of their employees. We sat down for an interview with Jonah because we wanted to hear more about their experience with us.

1. Why did you decide to partner with Photologo?

We were looking for a way to make the MemoryCherish experience seamless and memorable. We wanted customers to know that it was more than just about restoring photos when they purchased from us – it’s about preserving memories.

Photologo has helped us create beautiful email signatures that can communicate our team members’ own unique identities while also maintaining brand integrity.

When we asked him what he & his team thought about the signatures, Jonah said, “I’ve been so impressed by how quickly our entire team picked up on using the signatures! The results have been fantastic. It feels like we’re even more like a great big family in the studio!

3. How have the signatures improved your customer support experience?

Our team has had clients tell them that they enjoyed communicating with MemoryCherish because they felt like they were talking to friends rather than an unknown company representative. Ever since implementing the Photologo signature logos for our photo restoration team, those comments have increased a lot recently. It also helps that we use our logo on all correspondence, so customers know who they’re speaking with at every time! As a result, customer satisfaction increased & customers felt more understood by us.

4. How did your email signatures for your photo restoration studio look like before partnering with us?

Before partnering with Photologo, MemoryCherish used a simple signature at the end of their emails that said: “Sincerely, The MemoryCherish Team.”

Using personal signatures in our email correspondence now, we deliver results like the #1 photo restoration studio we are and look like one too.

Final Words

MemoryCherish has been in the photo restoration business for over a decade. They’ve built their brand around transparency and honesty, so they were looking to create a branding experience that would reflect those values as well.

“We wanted our clients to know that there is a lot of passion & soul behind the work we do as well as the values that we stand for,” said Mark, the senior restoration artist at MemoryCherish.

The signature has helped them connect with more customers by making them feel like part of something bigger than just another business transaction. The restorations are the center of our small business. Still, when you see how happy people get when they receive one of Photologo’s signatures at the end of an email, it takes the experience to another level.

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