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Take Your Photologo® Experience To The Next Level

Level up your photo signature game with these jaw-dropping upgrades that’ll bring your artistic reach to all new heights. Now, there shall be no limit to your creativity. Check out our full catalog of upgrades by watching these videos to see what more Photologo®has to offer.

Animated Photologo®

Did you know that video posts are 12 times more likely to be viewed by people on their social media feed? Whether you’re a videographer or a photographer, adding a beautifully animated Photologo® to your videos will surely captivate your audience and leave them wanting more.

Initials Edition

Looking for a more compact version of your Photologo® that maintains its style? You’ll surely love our Initials Edition! Get a logo you can easily use on business cards, social media profiles, and even as an email signature. Watch this video to get inspired by countless possibilities of use!​

Extension Kit

Want to get 5 more versions of your logo for a price close to one? Get 5x more options and 5x more power with our Extension Kit. Created for those who want to experiment with layouts and shapes, it’s made with the same craftsmanship and love that goes in every Photologo®, but five times better.

Metallic Edition

The exclusive Metallic Edition is exactly what you need to give that classy glamorous look to your signature logo. Created by the same artisans who made your Photologo®, it is perfect for special events, vintage themes, or for when you’re in the mood for a little touch of glitz and luster.


Source File

You’re an artist. We know how much you love pulling apart, mixing, matching, and inventing new things and that’s why you must get your Photologo® source file! Not only will you get to play around with your Photologo®, but having a copy of your source file also means no more low resolutions. Ever.

Color Unlocker

Have a favorite color you can’t just seem to get enough of? Let your true colors shine with the Photologo® Colour Unlocker. Select any color so your Photologo® stands out all the more! Watch this video to see how you don’t need to be confined to black and white. Stay colorful. Stay you.

Need inspiration how to use your Photologo?

We’ve gathered the most exciting and useful ways in which the Photologo® community is using their signature. Get inspired by these 11 unique ways of using your Photologo®.