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Extension Kit

Tailored after the original Photologo® you own and love, the Extension Kit is the ultimate custom-made branding toolkit that’ll 5x the power of your Photologo. For an AMAZING value, get multiple variations of your Photologo you can mix and match to fit every imaginable use and to be as versatile as you need to be.


(Worth $199.99)

5x The Power of Your Photologo

The coolest perk of a Photologo is that it’s timeless and adaptable, you can create variations of it and it’s still your Photologo. This is the brilliant extension kit for your Photologo  that gives you 5x the options you’ll need if you ever plan on personalise printed materials, sharing images online, customize your business cards, your social profiles and in many more scenarios.

It’s time to unlock all the power and the possibilities that your Photologo can give you.  

With the Photologo Extension Kit, EVERYTHING is possible

Classic Photologo

Extension Kit

To build a strong brand, you must have a brand that translates well online, in print, on merchandise and so on… In order to represent you or your business in the best light, you need to be prepared and have the materials ready when they’re required. Not only does this make you look like an TOTAL pro, but it also gives you the exposure you need, without any delays or setbacks.

Made with love by the artists who made your Photologo.

The new Photologo® Extension Kit is created by the same artisans who made your Photologo®, to provide you a full collection of professional-looking and easy-to-use signature logos that will enhance and boost your photography and brand.

Quick Delivery

Delivery within 7 business days guaranteed to all orders.


Free Design Revision

Want something adjusted? Just like your original logo, ALL Extension Kits come with a revision included!

Hand Made by Professional Artists

Our team of top artists are experts in their field, and available to work with you.

Desktop and Mobile Ready

Your brand will look great no matter what device you or your clients are on!

What's included

5 Custom-Made Variations of your signature Photologo

- Vertical Version -
- Gradient Fill -
- Sub-Mark -
- Framed Signature -
- Tagline Signature -

Never lose the opportunity to leave your mark

5x the power of your Photologo now, for a LIMITED TIME.


(Worth $199.99)