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September 21, 2020



Fashion Photography: Finding Your Signature Style

Your style is just as important as style is for the fashion brands you shoot for. 

It’s important you don’t forget the critical detail of defining your signature style, so you can stand out amongst the competition (and charge more!). A smart style-centric approach to your career as a fashion photographer can be a foundation to a fruitful career as a fashion photographer.

First, it starts with integrating a unique approach that you can call your own. The good thing about photography, in general, is that rules can be broken. You can be an unorthodox photographer depending on what type of style you want to have in your work. 

First: Implement your personality in your work. This way, though there are some obvious hints of inspiration from other photographers, your work remains unique and not a replica of another photographer’s style, during this process, it’s important you are the biggest critic of yourself, especially when you are in the process of developing your style. Be sure to take note of things that you could improve on. Take note even of the smallest details and work through them.

For anyone in the fashion industry, it is important to start working with a particular niche. There are advantages to this strategy compared to working broad. Focusing on a particular niche allows you to build both your confidence and your reputation and hone in on mastering that niche.

For example, if you chose to work with streetwear brands. This way, you can build a reputation and be known and trusted for a particular style. You will also gain valuable insights. Think of it this way, given the number of photographers in your area, why would a brand choose you? What makes you stand out from other photographers out there?

You might want to have a logo as the first step to showcasing your style. It makes it easier for potential clients to remember your name if there is a logo that has your name in it that represents you. Carefully selecting these aspects of your branding can make a huge impact on what type of clients will contact you. 

For example, streetwear brands prefer to have fashion photographers that have an understanding of their culture. The use of a tailored logo could shape this perception.

To be able to really present your style as a fashion photographer, you will also need to have a portfolio website that can do that for you. It’s important you choose a design that represents your style, and be very particular about the way you craft your content. The content should reflect your personality as a fashion photographer. 

The Great Questions To Ask Yourself

To find your signature style, I think we have to get to the root cause of our creativity. 

To help you find your signature style, ask yourself these questions:

1- Do you like the possibility of creating a captivating scene from nothing? Or is it telling stories by seeing the beauty in everyday things?

2- Do you get excited by fantasy or real life? Abstract or realism?

3- Do you prefer to work alone or with a team? In a studio or out in nature?

4- Which subjects have you lost yourself capturing? That no matter how much you fail, you’ll show up time and time again just to explore it more. What feels like pleasure to you?

5- What can’t you live without? If money wasn’t an issue, what would you spend your time doing?

To find great answers, take some time. If the answer isn’t immediately obvious, let it marinate.

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