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Crystal Ball Photography

Are you in the know of the recent trend of a refraction photography?

National Signing Day 2018

Whenever you artistically write or aggressively scribble down your name, you are letting it’s recipient know exactly who you are.

Pinterest Tips to Take Your Photography Business to the Next Level

In 2018 you should be using any and all forms of social media to promote your personal brand and your business. There’s a powerful platform that gets lost in the conversation–especially in the realm of photography: Pinterest.

How to stop people on Instagram from stealing your work

Creating the perfect photograph takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. First, you have to wait for the perfect amount of natural and artificial light.

Here's 5 Tips To Win Photography Clients

It’s important that in a sea of photographers, you find a way to stand out. Don’t let that happen to you. Read on for 5 tips to not only keep you in the game, but have you reigning supreme.

5 Signs You Need to Rebrand Yourself in 2018

With entrepreneurs becoming the new cool kids in town, taking care of your personal brand is more important than ever. As the calendar rolled over to January 1st, you stepped into the new year with energy.

Photopolish: The Fastest Way To Watermark Your Photos

Imagine being able to watermark your photography with one smart, easy and efficient application. One that gives you the absolute freedom and speed you need in today’s fast paced digital photography world.

The Watermarking Conspiracy

If you know anything about art, you’ll know that artists always sign their work. Painters, writers, photographers – every one of them knows how important it is to inscribe their work with their name. Otherwise, how else would their audience know who has created it?