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Here’s 5 Tips To Win Photography Clients

Technology is pretty crazy, isn’t it?

20 years ago computers, cameras, phones, and TVs were all found in different sections of the store. In 2018, we can hold all of these devices in the palm of our hand. Our smartphones are the all-inclusive package in a technological world that is changing even as you read these words.

One particular part of our smartphone that has evolved at a stunning pace is the camera that is built into each one. When camera phones first came out, the pictures were low resolution and fuzzy. Looking back on some of the shots you captured on your first camera phone will make you cringe and laugh simultaneously.

Fast forward to today and every phone comes with a camera that takes beautiful pictures. Anyone and everyone can take a picture of their dog or their meal and make it look fantastic. It’s hard to tell the difference between a shot taken with an iPhone and one taken with a high quality, professional camera.

As a photographer, this makes your life a little easier in some ways. You could take quick shots with your phone that don’t require pulling out all of the gadgets you’ve collected over the years. You could quickly edit those shots using an app that brings out the brightness or contrast. You can even share your picture within minutes of taking it, since it’s saved right on your device.

But mostly, these advances in technology are a thorn in your side. With the easy access to a quality camera, everyone can take a great photo. You don’t need thousands of dollars of equipment anymore. You just need to pull that little rectangle out of your pocket, point, and shoot.

The market has gone from a healthy competition to an all out bloodbath.

It’s important that in a sea of photographers, you find a way to stand out. Your newbie opponents are undercutting your prices and making it easy for your loyal customers to find a new favorite photographer. Don’t let that happen to you. Read on for 5 tips to not only keep you in the game, but have you reigning supreme.

1. Invest in Marketing

Your pictures are incredible; there’s no denying it. The problem is that it doesn’t matter how good they are if no one ever sees them.

With that in mind, shift some of your budget towards getting your photography in front of your ideal customer. Find blogs that speak to your target market and partner with them. Find local businesses that need some promotion as well, take some pictures for them, and make sure they credit your work.

The more you learn and grow in the world of marketing, the better your results will be. You already have an eye for taking a beautiful picture, let your marketing showcase your skills.

2. Protect Yourself and Your Work

Once you start putting your work out there more and see it start to take off, it’s going to be super important to protect it with everything you have. An easy and affordable way to protect your work is to have a custom made watermark made by a company like Photologo.

Photologo’s watermarks look sleek and professional and will stamp each and every one of your pieces. No one will ever look at a photo of yours and say, “Wow, that’s beautiful, I just wonder who took it.” Your name will be subtly embedded into the frame and they will associate your name with the wonderful work that you do.

You will protect your work and be remembered by those who respect your craft, simultaneously.


3. Get Social

Social media has a bad rep in our society, but if you use it to your advantage, you can create massive growth for your photography business. Use it to tell the story of your business (or you, personally) while also displaying images that take your followers breath away.

The people that find you on Facebook or Instagram will feel more connected to you as you authentically share your perspective through your pictures. When it comes time for them to book a photographer or buy some beautiful artwork, they’ll come running to you.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Learn New Things

With the rise of the cell phone photographers of the world, many old school picture takers dig their heels in on their side of the fence. They don’t want anything to do with smartphone cameras or social media interaction. They simply want to take pictures with a nice zoom lens and some quality lighting.

One way for you to get a leg up on your colleagues is by embracing what they aren’t willing to. Play around with what your cell phone can do for your work. Post some of your random experiments on social media and see what kind of reactions you get. It doesn’t have to be old school or new school, it can be a combination of both.

5. Double Down on Your Brand

Make sure that when someone sees your work that they are fully aware where it came from. You can do this by the Photologo watermark mentioned earlier and by creating photos that are unique to you.

Great artists have a way of putting together their work in a way that it’s obvious that they produced it. By honing your craft and marking your photos, your potential customer will have no doubt that it’s you that they want to hire for their next shoot.

You don’t have to get lost in the mix as the Instagram filtering crowd attempts to take over your stomping grounds. Use these 5 tips to ensure that you will stand out in the crowded market and be remembered by everyone that sees your work.

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