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Watermarking Your Work: Use It Or Lose It

The Significance of a Signature

Let’s face it – we’re not all art buffs. Most of us can’t tell a Da Vinci from a Michaelangelo. Fortunately, there’s a very easy and reliable way to tell who created a piece of art: just look for their signature.

Every artist – from the ancient Italian greats to today’s fledgling art student – knows the importance of signing their work. Whether it’s their name, an initial or some sort symbol, a signature is their personal trademark that rightfully makes their work their own.

What Is A Watermark?

Put simply, a watermark is a custom-made signature printed on a photograph. It can be a picture, a logo or text – whatever you choose to identify yourself as the owner of the photo. It’s called a ‘watermark’ because it’s superimposed over the photograph, like the face of the Queen on a banknote.

Watermarking is a relatively new tool. In the good ol’ days of film photography, the most common means of signing your work was to plonk a big stamp on the back of it. Some fancy folk even used an embossed seal. But in today’s fast-paced digital world, the majority of photographs never leave the realm of pixels. They’re uploaded, downloaded and shared online. Unfortunately, online is not a safe place.

So how does an artist of the digital age avoid digital thieves? Simple.Watermarking with Photologo®.

What is Photologo®?

Photologo® ties your brand to your photo in a way that’s attractive and recognisable. But there’s more to it than that. It’s the most intimate way to honour the sweat, blood and tears you’ve poured into your work.

It’s Protection

The freedom to share images on the internet comes at a cost. Anything you display online is up for grabs. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr – these and other social media sites are rife with thieves.

Want to see how freely available images are? Go to Google and search for images on any subject – say, “Landscape Photography”. You’ll find millions. Some will be taken by professional photographers and some will be taken by amateurs. Any that aren’t watermarked tend to get stolen the most.

Who Uses A Photologo® Watermark

Everyone who shares their work online should protect it with a watermark. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, you need to keep your work from the hands from thieves and pirates. If you’re an industry professional who wants to sell your photos online, you’ll already know the importance of watermarking. Your photographs are your intellectual property. After all, they not only represent you, the artist, but your career. Your livelihood.

If you’re a beginner, It’s the same deal. Your photos could end up anywhere. The images you take now need a suit of armour before they’re sent out into the world.

Demons of the Digital Age

Where would we be with the internet? And more to the point, where would your photos be? Sure, they’ll look great on your apartments walls, but your work is destined for bigger things. Art is love. It’s for sharing. You want folks to see what you see.

And, come on – you want them to know how talented you are.

Wonderful as the internet is, it’s a minefield for pirates. Social media and file sharing means images are tossed around like candy with no regard for the poor blighter who pressed the shutter button. Without a watermark, your hard-earned masterpieces are at the mercy of anyone who wants them.

Why Wouldn’t You Use a Watermark?

Ok, we won’t lie – watermarking isn’t failproof. The sad truth of modern life is that dishonest folk are always going to be out there. It’s like parking your car in the street or locking the front door of your house – you can take all the security measures available, but someone can still break in and steal your stuff. And if someone wants your work badly enough, they’re going to find a way to get it.

The only way to totally protect your work is to never show it to anyone. But then, what’s the point? You didn’t take those photos to keep them in a tin box under your bed. You took them so that the rest of the world could enjoy them too.

But Aren’t Watermarks Ugly?

The thought of sticking an unsightly logo on the front of your beautiful photograph might horrify you. The last thing any photographer wants is to detract attention from the subject of their photo. With an application like Photologo®, that’s not the case. Photologo® creates a personalised signature that sorts the average from the amazing.


How Did Photologo® Happen?

Photologo® is the brainchild of graphic designer Jacob Terrence. Jacob was approached by a number of world-class photographers who complained that their work was being stolen. As it turned out, these photographers weren’t using watermarks because they didn’t want to “ruin” their work. Watermark logos looked unnatural, they said.

An artist himself, Jacob got thinking. What these photographers needed, he realised, was a signature that was both elegant and natural. Something that secured the identity of the artist without screaming it out from the corner of the photo. After some months of serious sketching, Photologo® was born. A smart, seamless imprint that could be used on any photo. A way to say it’s yours with style and flair. Or, in Jacob’s words, a totally new way to mark your art.

What Makes Photologo® So Good?

There are some strict rules with watermarking, and Photologo® nails them all. After all – Photologo® is created by artists too!

It doesn’t ruin the photo.

This is the biggie. A watermark that’s too big, too bold or just downright awkward can really mess things up. You want the viewer to admire your skill in capturing that stunning waterfall; you don’t want to draw their eye to the fat logo in the corner. At least, not straightaway. A tailored signature like Photologo® is subtle. It doesn’t leap into the frame. It’s there, but the viewer won’t notice it until they look for it.

It’s personal

Think about where you use your signature. Your driver’s license. Your passport. Your marriage certificate. A signature is legally binding. It represents you. It declares who you are and that something legally belongs to you. Photologo® understands all that, which is why it’s customised to reflect you. A talented team of artists create each Photologo® specifically to each photographer’s requirements.

It’s unique.

Are you a generic photographer? No. So why should you use a generic watermark? No artist wants to stamp their (potentially) award-winning shots with the same logo used by Mrs Jones. It makes the photo look dull. Cheap. You want something that exudes taste and originality. Just like your photos. A Photologo® watermark is handcrafted for you and you alone. Like a seashell or your fingerprint, no two Photologos® are the same. And that’s what makes your work stand out from the crowd.

It’s Consistent.

To make your brand recognisable, it’s got to be consistent. The human brain connects with familiarity. That’s why a watermark can be so valuable to your portfolio – it’s a label that viewers (and potential buyers) will recognise as yours. And that’s how the professionals do it. When people see your Photologo® watermark, they know it’s yours. Why? Because it’s the same perfect logo in every one of your snaps.

It’s done for you.

Where would you rather be – out taking photos, or hunched over the computer? Manually applying a signature to each and every one of your photos is a hassle you don’t have time for. At Photologo®, a team of experts are on hand to get the job done for you – fast. You’ll have your watermarked photos delivered to you in as little as 24 hours. Or, if you’re not in a rush, up to seven days.

It’s flexible.

A passionate artist grows with their work. Over time they may change their theme, their subject matter, their focus. It’s important to have a watermark that changes with you. Or, you might be the type of photographer that covers a variety of subjects and prefer to use a different watermark for each category. Photologo® takes all that into consideration. All Photologos® come with free revision. That means if you want something changed, no problem. That’s the beauty of a having a handmade watermark – you can talk to a human.

It goes where you go.

Photo opportunities don’t sit still – and nor should you, the photographer. To get those award-winning snaps you need to out and about, chasing everything that inspires you. That means you’ll often be switching from desktop to mobile back to desktop again. And when you’re on climbing mountain peaks or creeping through Amazonian rainforests, you might not see a desktop for days! The Photologo® service is travel-proof. It’s desktop and mobile-ready, which means you can get the help you need using any device – anywhere, anytime. The Photologo® team are just a click away.

It just fits.

Size matters. Colour matters. Transparency, positioning – all of these things need to be considered when fitting a watermark onto your work. Once again, Photologo’s® got your back. You’re in control here. Whether you want your watermark in the corner or in the centre, large or small, the Photologo® team make it work. And they make it work on every photo.

It adds value.

What’s in a name? If you’re an artist, your name is everything. Digitally signing your name to your art signifies its value – not only to your portfolio, but to potential buyers. A Picasso painting is only worth millions when it’s signed by Picasso!

Don’t Forget: A Photologo® Watermark Is An Invaluable Investment

Whether your photography is your livelihood, a hobby or just a passing interest, it’s your intellectual property. You didn’t spend hundreds or even thousands on photography equipment so that some internet troll could steal the result, did you? Nor did you spend hours learning how to use your DSLR and going through the regiments of building your profile as a photographer only to have it snatched out from under your feet.

A watermark can be your legal copyright, giving you the ultimate protection from having your photographs stolen or republished. If someone crops your photo or uses software to remove the watermark, they’re violating copyright law.

Photographers Love Photologo®

You’re An Artist. It’s all about being utterly authentic, and that goes for branding yourself too.

We all know that artists aren’t like other people. Artists are creators, thinkers, do-ers. They have a vision, a dream – and they pour their heart and soul into making that dream a reality.

A passionate photographer is no different. Their art is their craft, and they want to share it with the world. Nothing should get in the way of that.

Stop risking your livelihood. Forget ugly, awkward logos that dominate your art. Grab your camera and get out there, because you’re about to start signing your photos a whole new way. The digital way.

Not Watermarking At All vs Generic Watermark vs Photologo®: Comparison Table

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