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How to stop people on Instagram from stealing your work




Creating the perfect photograph takes a lot of time, effort, and patience.

First, you have to wait for the perfect amount of natural and artificial light.

Then, you have to make sure the subjects–human or otherwise–cooperate to give you the shot you’re looking or. Finally, once you capture your exact vision, you have to sit down to make some final edits before showing your client or the world at large.

Now imagine, after all of that work, someone decided to high jack your picture and use it as their own. Before you even came down from your creative high, someone else has posted your picture on their instagram or blog, claiming that they were the ones who created such magic.

You’d love to report them to Instagram or get lawyers involved, but there’s one problem:

There’s no evidence that the picture is yours in the first place.

Although you may see your heart and soul when you look at your photograph, the objective eye doesn’t see anything that points back to you. It’s just a picture with no owner.

You don’t have to experience this.
There is a better alternative.
There is a way to maintain the beauty of your creaton while also showing that it came directly from you.

Inserting a watermark on your photographs using Photologo.co is the security blanket that will help you avoid the kind of heartbreak described above. Showing your personal or company name in an elegant way, your custom made watermark will help deter anyone that tries to steal your work.

Your art can stay beautiful while being more secure and protected. Check out Photologo.co today to see how your signature or watermark can give you credit where credit is due.

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