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May 20, 2020



I’m Not A Photographer. Can I Have A Photologo Done?

Not a photographer? Don’t let the word “photo” in “Photologo” put you off from getting your very own. Tons of non-photographers, including realtors, freelancers, and business owners, are leveling up their branding with Photologo. 

By definition, a Photologo is an elegantly made signature logo for people who want to have a visual identity that’s unique, striking, and beautiful. It’s definitely safe to say that photographers aren’t the only ones who wish to (and deserve) something as good as a Photologo. 


A logo plays a big part when it comes to branding.  They matter because they make an excellent first impression. Your logo is what your audience sees first, so be smart enough to invest in a logo that won’t hurt your brand but instead will do wonders. 

Whether you’re a full-fledged company or a one-person enterprise, your business deserves a stunning and memorable logo. 

Take a look at some of our clients’ Photologos that they got for their businesses


None of them are photographers, but they got their own Photologos anyway and observed how their logos make them look. They make them look professional and trustworthy. That’s the magic a Photologo can do to a business. 

Want to see how remarkable Photologos can be? 

Check out how you can get your own stunning Photologo


Personal branding plays a big part in becoming successful in the business world because people do business with people they like.

A Photologo can influence your audience and entice them into trusting you and your offer. 

We have worked with tons of professionals, from doctors to lawyers, who got a Photologo of their own to elevate their practice. There are the experts who proudly display their Photologos on their websites, giving them that undeniably professional look.

Each Photologo is unique and is crafted with creativity and sophistication, making professionals look more credible, memorable, and authentic

See some of our past work with a few of our incredible clients: 


A Photologo is more than just your logo, it’s your identity, and it represents your aesthetic. We know that each person has his/her own style, that’s why we have different Photologo options that you can choose from that fits your aesthetic perfectly. 

Want to check them out and find one that resonates with you and your style?

Explore all the different Photologo packages today.


How we make and consume videos is probably the most significant digital change we’ve experienced lately. People are now consuming video content like never before.

If you go online, you’ll be able to see lots of videos about different topics, from cooking shows to yoga exercises that you can learn from. Online instructors are using videos and webinars as their primary medium for learning because they amplify the learning experience. 

Just like how photographers can watermark their pictures, content creators can, too, with their videos. The elegance of a Photologo on a video gives it a professional vibe and lets people know that they are serious with their crafts. 

Just look at some of the Photologos we’ve done for online content creators:




When it comes to videos, we have this fantastic animated Photologo offer that matches perfectly well with the motion of a video. 

Get a glimpse of our animated Photologos today

That is the beauty of a Photologo — the opportunities where you can use it are endless. What you read just now is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Get a logo that is worthy of your creative genius and purpose and make a decision today that your future self will thank you for. 

I want my Photologo

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