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November 30, 2023



Why Top Real Estate Agents Are Getting A Signature Logo To Separate Their Brand From Their Brokerage (And Why You Should Too)

Being a Realtor® is not just about selling homes; you’re also building your personal name and reputation in the industry. So how do you supercharge this part of your career, despite working under your existing brokerage name and brand? That’s where building your own personal brand name in the industry with your very own signature logo comes in –  it’s your personal brand’s first touchpoint with your prospective clients. Here’s why a signature logo can be a game-changer for you if you’re a Realtor® looking to separate yourself and stand out:

1. It’s Your OWN Personal Brand: While your brokerage might give you great support and a platform, a signature logo says something more – it says ‘this is me’. It’s a clear sign to clients that you offer a unique, personalized service, something that goes beyond the standard brokerage branding.

2. A Mark Of Branding Clients Will Always Remember: Your career might take many turns; you might shift brokerages or even start your own. A signature logo is one thing that remains constant in your Realtor® branding identity. It’s like your professional badge of honor that grows and evolves with you, ensuring your personal brand remains strong and recognizable as your name and reputation grow in this industry.

3. You’ll Stand Out Amongst Other Realtors®: In a busy brokerage, it’s easy to blend in and be just another agent. A signature logo sets you apart. It’s not just another Realtor®’s face or name; it’s a distinct mark that captures your unique style and approach, making you memorable to clients.

4. Aligns with Higher-End Clients: A sleek, well-designed signature logo can subtly shift how clients perceive you. It speaks of sophistication and high-quality service, appealing to a more premium clientele. It’s about showcasing yourself not just as a Realtor® but as a connoisseur of properties, someone who understands and caters to the finer aspects of real estate.

So how do you get your own?

To get a digital signature you’ll need to hire a digital calligrapher to make you a professional one, a local calligrapher (in the USA for example) would charge $300-$500 for this – but today it’s accessible to everyone thanks to Photologo.

You can get your very own uniquely made for you in 2-3 days by a professional calligrapher for $39.99 here. Here are some examples done by the Photologo studio below – to get your unique signature click here

Create Your Unique Signature Logo Today

Get your unique handcrafted signature logo made by a professional calligrapher for only $39.99.

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