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The Watermarking Conspiracy

Why Sign Your Photography? (with a Photologo®)

If you know anything about art, you’ll know that artists always sign their work. Painters, writers, photographers – every one of them knows how important it is to inscribe their work with their name. Otherwise, how else would their audience know who has created it?

But there’s another reason to sign your work. And if you’re a photographer, it’s one the most important reasons of all.

Without a signature, a painting is just a painting. A story is just a story. And a photo is just a photo.

Add a signature, and suddenly that photo has a story. A signature not only says that someone owns the painting, it says that they’re proud to own it, and they want the world to know who created it.

What Is A Digital Signature?

Inspired by the beautiful cursive signature on famous artworks, photographers wanted to sign their way the same way – but digitally.

Unlike a painting, of course, you can’t sign a photo with a paintbrush.

In the good ol’ days of film photography, it was possible to stamp the back of a photo, or even use an embossed seal. But in today’s fast-paced digital world, the majority of photographs never leave the realm of pixels. Photographs are uploaded, downloaded and shared online: a manual signature just isn’t possible.

Until the digital signature.

A digital watermark is a signature printed on a photograph – whatever you choose to identify yourself as the owner of the photo. It’s superimposed over the photograph, much like the original old-fashioned watermarks.

The Signature Watermark Used By Professionals

Professional photographers don’t mess around. They know that the only way to watermark their work is to use a digital signature. One that’s unique and personalised – not a mass-produced logo.

These guys found out a way to digitally sign their photographs years ago. They’ve been doing it ever since. And they’ve been keeping it to themselves. Why?

They know how good a signature looks on a photograph. They know it really gives them a badge of authenticity. And they also know they’re not the only ones who want it.

When these digital signatures began appearing of photographs, they put the photography world in a spin. Suddenly, photos weren’t just photos but art. They looked like the masterpieces of the greats! Like something Michelangelo would have created – if he had a camera.

The Watermark Conspiracy

For a long time now, professional photographers kept the secret of their digital signatures to themselves.

When begged to shed some light on the source of their stunning signature, they told everyone it was well out of their price range.

“It’s too expensive! Only professionals can afford this type of signature! Go back to your mass-generated logos!”

It turns out that these professionals were paying $US200 to $US500 for their customised signatures.

That’s a hefty sum for anyone in business – especially for an artist. And for the amateur photographer, the hobbyist or even the semi-pro, it’s way out of range.

Then, Along Came Photologo®.

Photologo® creator Jacob Terrence saw how the professionals were signing their photos, and he got thinking. Why should a simple signature cost so much?

Calling on his graphic design skills, Jacob got to work. Many months and drafts later, Photologo® was born.

Photologo® is the personalised signature that sorts the average from the amazing. It’s a professional signature that’s original but classy. Natural but elegant.

Photologo® understands the importance of size, colour, transparency and positioning.

A tailored signature like Photologo® is subtle, yet powerful. It’s there, but it doesn’t leap into the frame. It’s a polishing touch to the photo, not a distraction.

One of the best things about a Photologo® signature it is that you’re in control. Whether you want your signature large or small, in the corner or in the centre, the Photologo® team make it work.  And they make it work on every photo.

And the VERY best thing?You can afford it. 

Branding is Affordable with Photologo®

Photography ain’t cheap. After the camera, lens kit, software and all the rest, there’s no way you should be spending hundreds on a watermark, too. That’s why so many amateur photographs end up downloading a free, generic watermark from the internet.

Photologo® has changed all that. Now you can have a gorgeous digital signature just like the professionals use – for $79.


That’s right, $79. You can now sign your photos the digital way for less than what you spend on your granny at Christmas.

You Owe It To Yourself

If you’re an artist, your name is everything. Digitally signing your name to your art signifies its value – not only to your portfolio, but to your livelihood.

The work of a passionate photographer is your craft. Whether you’ve been taking photos for years or mere weeks, you have a right to share it with the world in a way makes it stand out from the crowd.

Forget ugly, awkward logos that dominate your art. Grab your camera and get out there, because you’re about to start signing your photos a whole new way. The digital way.

Not Watermarking At All vs Generic Watermark vs Photologo®: Comparison Table

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