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Bring Your Photologo To Life

By Turning Your Photologo Into a Beautiful Photostamp

We’ve just announced our new addition to the family.
Meet Photostamp! The perfect way to bring your Photologo into the real world. We’ve spent months perfecting Photostamp, and we are excited to announce it to you at a launch price of 30% OFF!

Photostamp is

Designed By Real Artists,
Crafted By Real Artists.

Bring your beautiful Photologo to life,
and get a handcrafted artisan Spanish made stamp. 3 Inches in width, 1.5 Inches in Height, a size that has been meticulously chosen to offer the most diverse amount of usages.

A Photostamp comes in 3 different versions, borderless, single
border and double border. Meticulously handmade in Valencia Spain,
globally shipped and a one year global warranty.

Stamp 1 (No Borders)

Borderless and Free.
The stamp for those who want
most diversity.

Stamp 2 (With a Border)

Single Border
The Stamp for those who like
a neat finish.

Stamp 3 (With two Borders)

Double Border
The Stamp for those who like
a polished finish.

The Photostamp created by Photologo, has been meticulously designed to be the perfect versatile size for an abundance of usages, one of our favourite usages we’ve noticed is allowing Photographers to mark their digitally printed photo frames, photo-books, client letters and invoices and having the ability to place your mark in a natural, beautiful way we’ve been marking for hundreds of years, with an ink and stamp.


Your signature and watermark represent your brand, and for a limited time, you can get them in the form of a stamp, giving life to your Photologo in the offline world.

Your Photologo doesn’t have to just live in the internet world anymore. With the new Photostamp tool, we’ve brought your Photologo to life so you can mark your Photologo without limits of the digital world.

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Turn your Photologo into a Photostamp



Crafted In Spain - One Year Global Warranty - FREE Global Shipping Launch Promotion