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We make beautiful logos for photographers

Finally, a beautiful Photography logo that’s just as unique and exceptional as you.

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Here's How a Photologo Will Help Enhance & Protect Your Photos

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Delivery as quick as 3 or 7 days.

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Want something changed?

All Photologos® come with three FREE revisions!

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Our team of highly talented artists do this all day, and they're good at it!

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Your photologo® will look great no matter what device you're on!

Photographers Love Their Photologo®

Customer Signature
“Loved the new logo!!.”
tina Hansen-Lewis
Customer Signature
“I got one of these and love it. You might consider one for your beautiful photos!.”
Pam Spivey - Carolina, USA
Customer Signature
“Just got mine last Sunday. Y'all did a amazing job”
Juan Lomeli - Houston, Texas
Customer Signature
“I love that it fits into my photography style neatly.”
Billy Fernando - Los Angeles, California
Customer Signature
“Photologo is awesome. Great service, great product.”
Tracy Rose - Petaluma, California
Customer Signature
“Got my new Photologo and an excited about it! After a little tweaking of the logo, Daniel gave me just what I was looking for! Thank you!”
Melissa A. Millhouse Balliet
Customer Signature
“Mine came today. I LOVE it. It makes me feel proud of the images I created. This logo makes me feel confident and happy with the whole process. I just don't like my own signature, this works for me.”
Arnett Luce - Colorado, US
Customer Signature
“Thank you for creating such elegant signature and taking my idea to another level of elegance. I wouldn't had come even close on my own. I hesitated too long!!! Don't be like this guy, you'll be surprised in an AWESOME way!”
Ivan Fuentes - Fredericksburg, Virginia
Customer Signature
“Got my logo within 24 hours and love it! Exactly what I had in mind, I gave the team a few ideas as to what I was looking for and they got it spot on! 🙂 If you're thinking of getting one, just do it, you wont regret it.”
Steven Bay - Markinch, Fife
Customer Signature
“I just got my Photologo this morning and it is perfect! Great price. Great Service. It took 48 hours - but one of those days was Christmas Day - now that is keeping a service promise.”
Edward Speed - TX, United States
Customer Signature
“I absolutely love the logo Photologo designed for me!!!! Furthermore, communication with the company was easy and I received immediate responses. 5 stars all around and highly recommended!!!”
Rich Taylor
Customer Signature
“Massive thank you to the guys at Photologo for the brilliant signature logo they've designed for my photography imagery, their turnaround was super quick and efficient!.”
Joanne Oakland - Holmfirth, UK
Customer Signature
“Exceptional company and customer service. Thank you for creating my amazing new photo logo at a great price, I love it. Your work and responses to my emails were nothing short of amazing. A++ company”
Brent Schnupp - United States
Customer Signature
“Your team did a great job! You made sure I was 100% satisfied with the finished product. I love my logo and would gladly recommend you to anyone...”
Launa Morosan-Penza - Oakland, United States
Customer Signature
“Thank you for my new logo ! I love it ! It makes things look more professional and clean! The pricing is very reasonable. The turnaround time was phenomenal! Thank you again ! I would definitely recommend this company!”
Ashley Olden - Savoy, IL, United States
Customer Signature
“I'd like to give a shout out to Jacob and his team of skilled artists at Photologo​ for producing some beautiful designs for Jenifer and I. They accomodated some special requests we made with ease and their results were beautiful!.”
J & J Digital LLC - Lexington, United States
Customer Signature
“I absolutely Love My new Photologo. It looks Great on all my images. Thanks for designing it for me.”
Tom Reynolds - Clinton, Utah
Customer Signature
“LOVE, love, love my new logo! Thanks so much to the team at PhotoLogo. Response was quick. Editing was even faster. Cannot wait to use it.”
Jayme DesDunes - Marshall, Virginia
Customer Signature
“I just received my watermark from Photologo and am so very happy with it. I really love it. I love how they incorporated the butterfly in it that I wanted. Thank you for a job very, very well done.”
Doreen Urquhart Broughm - Sydney, Nova Scotia
Customer Signature
“Absolutely beautiful. Truly a work of art. Makes my photographs look very polished and professional. WORTH EVERY PENNY! If you're on the fence, trust me, you won't be sorry after your purchase. Thank you Photo logo.”
Daniel Henninger - Tehama, California
Customer Signature
“Delighted with my Photologo for my photography page! Thanks!”
Stranraer, UK
Customer Signature
“Really happy with mine. I played around for hours to try and get a similar effect. Then a saw your add and paid up, his is well worth the money and time saved.”
Kevin Edgar - High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Customer Signature
“Thank you Photologo for my new Logo signature. 100% quality and very professional service.”
Tuan Tran - Adelaide, South Australia
Customer Signature
“My Photologo has done wonders to my overall Photography branding, thank you so much Photologo!”
Stella Mariz - Rome, Italy
Customer Signature
“Absolutely love this product, it’s absolutely stunning.”
David Reed - New York, USA
Customer Signature
“Couldn’t be happier, the Photologo created for me polishes off my Photography business ever so beautifully”
Theresa Jane - Sydney, Australia
Customer Signature
“First I was a little skeptical, but after taking the plunge, I was blown away by how beautiful my Photologo is”
Sunshine Etorma - Dublin, Ireland
Customer Signature
“Great customer service. If you aren't happy with it they will make sure you are. Awesome company!”
Kalikoweo Keolanu - Hawaii, USA
Customer Signature
“Got mine, very good, great service, nice touch.”
Hank Hirschfeld - Tucson, Arizona


Before Photologo


After Photologo
  • Who’s It Not For?
  • • If you don’t care about ever having a photography portfolio
  • • If you prefer ugly bulky watermarks
  • • If you don’t mind people stealing your photos
  • • If you don’t care about the quality of your photography
  • Who’s It For?
  • • If you want to build a photography portfolio
  • • If you want to standout from other photographers
  • • If you want to make money from photography
  • • If you care about your photos looking beautiful

How a Photologo is Applied To Your Photos

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