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Take control of your personal image.

Create a brand that's unique to you

The workbook that lets you create a striking opportunity-grabbing personal brand that's true to you.

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Created for solopreneurs and professionals

Here's what the workbook will help you achieve

Get noticed as a top professional

Stay at the top of your game. This workbook will show you how to show up as your best in social media without sounding sleazy or fake.

Attract the best opportunities

Discover how to use your online presence as an opportunity magnet. You'll find out how you can stand out even in a competitive marketplace.

Create a cohesive personal brand

Nothing says "topnotch" more than a clear, cohesive, and distinct online presence. We'll show you how to grow while keeping your brand true to yourself.

Created by branding experts, behind 100,000+ successful personal brands

We've helped professionals elevate their presence online and gathered everything we know in one workbook.

$99 $59

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Branding Outside the Box

Personal Branding Intro

Your Online Presence

Building Your Brand

I don’t let anybody define who I am. My identity is an important part of my work.

Heena Garza, Lisbon

Created for solopreneurs and professionals

Who's it for?

Here's your key to a truly distinct online presence.

Personal Branding Strategy Workbook for Solopreneurs, Personal Brand Identity Planner | Printable - A4

$99 $59



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