Design a portfolio website that sets you apart

A portfolio website is essential in order to build a photography business. It’s your visual representation, showing off your best work & letting your potential customers get to know you as a person. What are the steps you should follow to build the perfect portfolio? 1. Define your purpose There are many reasons for building a […]

Understanding Copyright Infringement And How To Protect Your Work

Photo theft, or as it’s legally known, copyright infringement, is an ongoing issue – that’s why I want to talk about how we can prevent it from happening… I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how the internet has contributed to the photographic industry. For many in the Photologo community, including myself, it has opened […]

Emotional: How Larry used his Photologo to find solace after the tragic loss of his daughter.

Having her thumbprint in the logo is a way for me to just remember. When I print a photo, I’ll think of my daughter” Larry’s world was torn upside down when his beautiful daughter Gwen had unexpectedly passed away. “Sometimes, I don’t even want to get up” he tells us as he describes the pain […]

“Artist Spotlight”: meet the selected Top 5 of our February PHOTO-CONTEST

Our latest PHOTO-CONTEST has played out on the Photologo Facebook page and group on the first week of February! The response has been even greater than the last time. Hundreds of members of the Photologo community have shared their best shots and their love for photography with us and other artists. This time, we also launched […]

10 Perfect Gift ideas for your Photography-Obsessed Valentine

“To take a photograph it is putting one’s head, one’s eye, and one’s heart on the same axis.” Henri Cartier Bresson It’s not that hard to put your heart on the same axis of your eye and mind at Valentine’s Day. We want to amaze our loved ones with something really special, original and useful, […]

The Ultimate App Guide for Photographers

When it comes to photography, nothing can beat professional equipment. However, smartphones continuously revolutionise photographers’ workflows. Personally, I couldn’t give up lots of cool apps that have made my planning, shooting and editing so much easier. With the right apps, your phone can become your best photography assistant! From location scouting to shooting techniques, to […]