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We make animated
signature sign offs

Bring your Photologo® to life, by turning it into a stunning animated signature. The perfect addition to your visual branding collection, handcrafted by our in-house animators.

Sleek. Beautiful. Professional

Your photography has the power to capture and freeze moments in time. Places, expressions, landscapes… But it doesn’t mean that everything on your images has to be completely still. Whether you work with video, or experiment with GIFs, Cinemagraphs and other modern photographic techniques, an Animated Photologo® is just the perfect addition to your kit.

Handcrafted with the same care as your original Photologo® by our studio animators, it is guaranteed to be a remarkable tool. You can use it as a subtle watermark or on the credits of your videos, on your website or social media profiles and let your name be on the spotlight.

Animated Photologo

Our Animated Photologo are handcrafted in studio, starting with creating your signature logo, in partnership with Photologo and then we animate it flawlessly.

Quick Delivery

Delivery within 7 business days guaranteed to all orders


Free Revision Risk Free

Want something changed? All Photologos® come with a FREE revision!

Hand Made by Professional Artist

Our team of highly talented artists do this all day,and they’re good at it!

Desktop and Mobile Ready

Your Photologo® will look great no matterwhat device you’re on!

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