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Your Photologo is now with your designer, but before we begin, please let us know your answer to the below.

Would you like this really cool bundle?

Before we begin, I'd like to offer you a private bundle offer available only for the next 60 minutes. Get a compact (initials) version of your Photologo and the animated version. Order right now and we'll upgrade this bundle to be done by our head designer (worth $49.99!) for free!

See what's inside this exclusive bundle:

Initials Edition

Expand your branding kit with a subtle and compact version of Photologo to fit in even more places. Add an elegant touch to your photography, prints and a wide variety of uses.


Animated Photologo

Bring your Photologo® to life, by turning it into a stunning animated signature. The perfect addition to your visual branding collection, handcrafted by our in-house animators.

(Worth $124.99)
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$74.98 TODAY!


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Don't want the bundle, but would like one of either? No problem!

We have 2 separate offers for you bellow:

Initials Edition + Free Head Designer Upgrade

In times when you want a more compact look on your signature, the Initials Edition is ready for you! This is perfect for social media profile photos and your online portfolio.

(Worth $59.99)
Sale price: $34.99


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Photologo Smart Email Signature

Your email signature could either make you look trustworthy or completely unprofessional. Get 6 professionally-designed customizable templates that you can easily tweak using Canva.

(Worth $99.99)
Sale price: $49.99

Got Questions? Read the offer FAQ:

This offer expires 60 minutes after you saw this page. 

Once your Photologo is made and you approve it, our head designers will begin working on your bundle product(s). 

Sure! If you don’t want one or the other, above you can order either the Initials Edition or Animated Photologo separately. 

The head designer upgrade is where we ensure that our premium head designer Vincent, is working on your bundle product(s) he charges $24.99 per product, but with this offer we waive that fee!