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Spread the word about your business in a single tap.

No more storing bulky business cards in your wallet. Simply tap this easy-to-use card on any smartphone and share your business details in a snap.

This card is 100% customizable with your Photologo and can be set up in 3 quick steps.

The business card to end all other business cards.

Bye Bye, Tedious Manual Input

Your client will never have to manually copy your details from an old-fashioned business card. All your details are quickly stored on their phones, so when you reach out, they know it’s you.

Always Be Top of Your Prospect’s Mind

Not only will this unique cutting-edge technology amaze your clients, but they can also now know more about you directly from the contact list on their phones.

Complete Details, One Tap

No important detail about your business shall be spared! You can also send your website and social media links quickly. Converting prospects into clients has never been more hands-free.

100% Customizable and Reusable

Make your card uniquely yours by adding your Photologo and choosing your design. The best part? You can easily update your contact info so no paper will ever be wasted on single-use.

More than 220,000+ customers served

Como funciona

Design Your Card

After placing your order, you’ll receive special instructions on how you can customize your card the exact way you want it to look.

Create Your Profile

Add, edit, and activate all the information you’d like to share via your new contactless card.

Viola! You’re Ready to Go

Simply start sharing all your info in one quick tap to any mobile device. It’s that easy peasy.

All the ways to wow your clients

Always Be Remembered

With your complete info on their phones, you’ll always be remembered

Keep Them Engaged

Link your social media to your card so your clients can quickly interact with you

Easily Book Meetings

Secure new leads as you meet them by allowing them to book meetings with you instantly

Add Any Link You Want

You can link your card to apps, videos, online portfolios, PDFs, and so much more.

Choose Your Card Material

Metal - $99.99

Give your business card a premium look that’s timeless

Bamboo - $74.99

The eco-friendly route that’s perfect for more grounded brands

Plastic - $49.99

Most budget-friendly and design-flexible option

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Don’t take our word for it, our customers are doing the talking for us

"I'm so glad I decided to get my Photologo NFC card! SUPER convenient. The team was so hands-on in helping me with the process. Since I got the premium subscription, I linked my agency’s website and some of our client’s social media profiles as references. Now this card has become a staple in my wallet."

- Sarah Murphy, Digital Agency

“This helps me a lot when I’m on the go. I travel a lot for work and meet people that I can potentially collaborate with unexpectedly so it’s nice to have this around. No more awkward contact sharing, all my details are shared in less than 5 seconds.”

- Megan Chan Music CEO

“I am never without this card! This is a lifesaver for me as a personal trainer. I never really know who I come across and I sometimes run out of business cards or forget to bring them when I meet potential clients at gatherings. This just makes my life much easier.”

-Nicole Park Fitness

Wow your clients with the latest in card technology

It’s time to get your hands on this convenient, easy-to-use, and lasting business card. Never buy another ordinary business card again, ever.