Cosa c'è in un nome? La storia della firma e come può cambiare la tua attività di fotografia

La tua firma è unica per te come la tua personalità.
Puoi renderlo carino e frizzante.
Puoi renderlo grande e chiassoso.
Puoi renderlo difficile da leggere.
Whenever you artistically write or aggressively scribble down your name, you are letting it’s recipient know exactly who you are. But well before you practiced signing your name in anticipation of the many autographs you’d sign as a big star, the signature looked a lot different.

3000 aC: pictographs

Back before there was an alphabet of letters that could string together a name, people used pictures and symbols to represent who they were and how to communicate it. Who knows what your name would look like if you only had symbols of a tree, the sun, and a horse to choose from rather than the alphabet you know today?.

1800-1200 aC: L'alfabeto è nato

I fenici inventarono un alfabeto di 22 lettere che era la base della lingua e della comunicazione. Era una base abbastanza grande per quello che usi oggi, ma non aveva vocali.
Prtty hrd t xpln yrslf wtht thm.

1069: La prima firma

Crazy to think that it took a couple thousand years to go from alphabet to a signature, but it seems as though it played out this way. Ever since then, people have been using the signature to mark their contracts, sign autographs, and write checks. Everyone from John Hancock to John Lennon have laid their name down in cursive as a statement of who they are.

2018: In che modo la tua firma aiuterà la tua attività

It’s not that the years between then and now are insignificant, it’s just that the world of signatures hasn’t revolved much since–aside from taking them from paper to digital form. At this current moment in time, though, you may be taking your signature for granted. Sure, you use it to sign off on wedding contracts and mini photography shoots, but it’s not being used to its full potential. Remember, your signature is a statement of who you are. It’s your personality in written form. So, why not hide it in plain sight in the form of an elegant watermark? That way, whoever sees your work will feel your personality and attach it to the incredible images you’ve captured.
This was the thought that popped into Jacob Terrence’s head when he founded Photologo. He felt that a signature was the imprint of its creator. He knew that, if done correctly, a signature could be a beautiful way to let the world know who was responsible for each picture it found its way into. It could be a way to maintain the magnificence of each shot while also claiming ownership. From that thought, Photologo was born. Since then, Photologo has helped photographers all over the world brand their photography in a classy and elegant way. Each signature is custom made to match the personality and style of the photographer. Each one is truly a written version of the artist’s expression. Bring your personality to your photos with your very own custom made watermark. Find out more at