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A perk that's matters = boosted team morale

It’s no secret that people who are appreciated better, work so much better. Forget the typical shirts or water bottles, get your team the most unique perk they’ll never forget.

Show your entire team how much you value them by giving them fresh, digital, custom-made logos!

My team got excited about the idea of getting personalized logos. Loving the executive yet personalized look. Officially, we all use Photologo on our email signatures, website, and presentations. But my employees are using theirs as stickers, gift tags, and stamps too. Cannot recommend Photologo enough.

Reinart Grant

Austere Media
Why Photologo?

1. Shows off personality
Photologos give your team a chance to show personality and communicate in a way that’s true to them.
Why Photologo?

2. Boost company morale
When you have logos that look this incredible, it helps people feel proud to be a part of your team.
Why Photologo?

3. Stress-free ordering experience
You get a dedicated customer service professional who will stay on top of all your team’s needs.
Why Photologo?

4. No shipping required!
Working remotely? Don’t want to deal with crazy shipping fees? No problem! All logos are sent fresh via email.
Why Photologo?

5. Better business branding
When your employees have logos that look this good, your brand gets represented in a much better way.
Why Photologo?

6. One investment, infinite returns
As little as $40 a head, one-time. This will be the single best investment you’ll make with returns that last a lifetime.
Working with Photologo for all our logos has been a true blessing. I’ve been looking for ways to treat my remote team and when I found Photologo something just clicked. Everyone loves their logos and has started using them for their own work. Most of all, the experience working with them was super smooth. Thank you, guys!

Kylie Lewis

SO Digital

How can your team use Photologo? In a million ways.

There is no feeling in the world like belonging in a company that you feel truly gets you on a deep level. In a fast-paced world, many of us go through the day feeling almost invisible. That stops here today.

Make your team feel appreciated by acknowledging their individual uniqueness. Give your employees a piece of confidence so they’ll forever keep your company in their hearts.
“This company
just gets me.”
—your employee, when you order a Photologo
Get unique new personalized logos for your team today.