Photopolish: The Fastest Way To Watermark Your Photos

Imagine being able to watermark your photography with one smart, easy and efficient application.

One that gives you the absolute freedom and speed you need in today’s fast paced digital photography world.

Imagine no more.Meet Photopolish.

What Is Photopolish?

Photopolish is the ultimate watermarking tool for the professional photographer. It’s the fastest and cleanest way to watermark your photos either one at a time, or to bulk watermark your entire collection. All with the click of a button.

Photographers call it the “polishing touch” to their photography toolkit, as it truly cuts the mud out of the water, and gives you a much more seamless watermarking experience.

Why Use Photopolish?

With other editing suites, watermarking is a time-consuming chore. It involves working between two or more programmes and manually shifting files, one at a time.

Then there’s the laborious business of copying and pasting a watermark onto each and every photo, one at a time. Or perhaps you simply want to watermark one of your shots for posting online, but you probably spend more time waiting for your photo editing software to open then it takes to open, watermark and export using Photopolish.

When processing a just one, or a mountain of photo files, a busy photographer has no time for fiddly housekeeping tasks. It can be slow, frustrating, and draining of your creativity, we understand.

That’s where Photopolish comes in.

With Photopolish, the job is done quickly and simply – with one click. That’s right – a single second (depending on how fast you click!) – as compared to countless hours of staring into a computer screen, clicking away and manually dragging and dropping your watermark on many photos. Not to mention the headache!


Snap to Edge Technology

For perfect bulk watermarking, our smart technology used in Photopolish will automatically place your watermark in the perfect spot on every photo. Since we know exactly how all photos come in different shapes and sizes, we’ve developed the perfect Snap to Edge technology to eradicate this issue! Whether it’s a portrait or landscape, our technology will ensure you can literally have every photo watermarked perfectly in a click of a button, a feature unique to Photopolish.

Bulk Watermarking

Bulk watermark all your images in a single click, you can literally import, place a watermark, apply to all of your images, and export in a matter of seconds.

Smooth 360° Rotate and Resize Freedom

Limitless 360° freedom to resize and angle your signature however you wish. Move it up, move it down – try it on the edge or in the middle. The choice is yours! With Photopolish, YOU’RE in control. And you can do it all flawlessly and efficiently.

Use Photopolish with Photologo®

Everyone who shares their work online should protect with a (Photologo®) watermark.

With your Photologo® signature at the ready, you have the power to watermark all your work at once. Your photos are beautifully marked with the same perfect logo – all in one hit. Easy, and you can store your watermark in your watermark wallet permanently!

How Did Photopolish Happen?

Photopolish is the work of Photologo® creator Jacob Terrence. As a graphic designer and talented photographer himself, Jacob knows the importance of ‘cutting the wrap’ when it comes to watermarking. He wanted a programme that his Photologo® audience could use to watermark their work quickly, seamlessly and beautifully

The result was Photopolish.

Jacob says that Photopolish is the ultimate tool for any photographer. In fact, it’s the ‘other half’ of Photologo®. Used together, Photologo® and Photopolish make branding your work a piece of cake!

Get Photopolish and Get More Done

We know that photographic opportunities don’t sit still – and nor should a photographer. You owe your time to your work, not the computer. You want polished, professional-looking photos – with your name on them. And you want them fast!

Photopolish will shave hours of your workload, leaving you with more time for you to do what you should be doing: taking photos.

It's the ultimate watermarking tool for the passionate photographer.Think of it as the "polishing touch" toolkit to your artistry.
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Photopolish vs Typical Editing Suites: Comparsion Table

Typical Editing Suites
Ultra Fast Watermarking
Bulk Watermarking
Stores Your Watermarks In App
Lightning Speed App Speed
Snap To Edge Watermarking Technology
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