Don't let your photos get stolen.

The keys to keeping your photography safe and tools to use if anyone tries to steal your precious photos.

– Best practices to protecting your photography

– Pre-written takedown templates

– Emergency Guides

+ more!

$99 $34.99

In todays digital world it’s easier than ever to have your precious photography stolen. Unfortunately when this happens, it’s hard to know what to do. That’s why it’s important to have the tools and resources behind you (without breaking the bank) to allow you to protect yourself and be proactive if ever the dreaded day arrives of seeing your photography used by other photographers and brands without proper permission and compensation.

This kit will provide you strategies, templates and best-practice guides that are super easy to follow & apply.

$99 $34.99

What's included?

Fast emergency guide on what to do if you see your photos.

Easy to use take down notice template.

How to better place your watermark for better protection guide.

Photography theft risk cheat sheet (what to avoid).

How to add your data to your photos EXIF and Metadata.

Your Photologo QR Code watermark (for extra protection).

$99 $34.99

How does it work?

After ordering you’ll receive a simple to use folder which contains all of the guides and resources you need. There is a easy to follow instructions manual that will explain each features of this package in depth so you can use it to your full advantage.

Is this for you?


If you’d like to protect your photos but don’t exactly know the best practices and what to do if your photos get stolen, then this is the perfect kit for you. A lot of photographers who’ve bought this kit have found it to be incredibly useful and it’s something that you can have forever and use again and again. Making it a really small investment into keeping your precious art safe and secure. 

Better protect yourself today!

For a small one-time fee, you’ll be able to use this kit forever. Get it today before it goes back to full price!

$99 $34.99