The World’s Most Stylish + Functional Camera Strap

Finally, a comfortable camera strap that goes beyond just holding your camera + It’s compatible with a Photologo!


It’s stylish full of features without the bulk.

Hyperstrap is the worlds first stylish, yet functional camera strap that goes beyond just holding your camera. Hyperstrap helps protect your precious camera from dust, scuffs, rain & other small nuisances that always seem to find their way into ruining a shot!

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Designed By Photographers

2+ YEARS OF Design & Engineering

“Photographers need a camera strap that supports them. After having bought almost every strap on the market, I can tell you most are either ugly and bulky or too simple and uncomfortable. I thought; why not try and pack features and style into one comfortable package?!”

Jacob Terrence

In-Built Neck Padding & Lens ClotH POCKET

One of the coolest features of Hyperstrap is its in-built 7mm neck support. It is giving you more comfort and support to go about your shoots. Also integrated into Hyperstrap is a beautiful in-built pocket that holds an easily accessible lens cloth cleaner to allow you to quickly clean your smudged lens, before you lose that precious shot.


A Camera Strap you can wear your Photologo

Hyperstrap is made with premium top-grain leather, allowing you to mark your Photologo on it, making it even more personalized to you. (engraving not included in price)

Made From 100% Top GRAIN Genuine Leather

Superior, reliable, and stylish – from the premium leather strap & expandable ropes to the hand-designed buckles, Hyperstrap is made to last.


What are you waiting for?

Get yourself the strap your camera deserves!